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by reducing supply of〓 inefficient and low-end products and services while encouraging more in-demand and premi〓um ones, a process that will boost economic growth, Li told delegates at the forum. An i〓mportant part of the supply-side reform is cutting excess capacity in sectors including s〓teel and coal, and this will be further pushed mainly "with a market-oriented and law-abi〓ding av

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pproach," he said. According to the premier, governments and enterprises will take〓 measures to reemploy steel workers and coal miners made redundant. "Overcapacity is a g〓lobal challenge and China stands ready to be a responsible country with all these proacti〓ve measures," he said. The government will reform on its own services to cut red tape an〓d regulate emerging sectors or business models, Li said. He also promised t7

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